Worse than coal: Industrial forest biomass is not a renewable energy source

Forest biomass use for energy production is a disastrous practice that needs to be curtailed - it has not only gotten out of hand as an industrial activity and global trade but is also blinding citizens to how the carbon cycle works, notably how emissions intensive forest biomass is across its production chain, and how much it contributes to depleting forest sols, important for the management of greenhouse gas emissions.

 The new EU Directive on Renewable Energy threatens to double energy from forest products, even beyond the EU's capacity to produce pellets and chips. The WCRE calls for excluding forest biomass from the list of Renewables: its CO2 emissions are even 80% higher than those of coal - it is not climateneutral.

The following scientifc call is in keeping with what we are pushing: rapidly expanding solar, wind and sustainable water power to a full 100% world-wide, while restoring our forests', wetlands', sea grass' and agriculture's ability to reduce greeenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.


Professor Peter Droege, General Chairman, WCRE



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