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Climate change optimism is justified – a complete transition from carbon to solar and wind power looks practical and affordable within a generation (published in The Guardian on 19 January 2017).

My first book on climate change was published 10 years ago. I looked at how responsible individuals could choose to run their lives to cut their carbon footprint.

Inevitably minimising your carbon footprint meant making some uncomfortable choices – stopping eating meat, for example, or giving up flying. Hair-shirtism, in short. In 2009, I advised individuals on how they could cut their carbon emissions by 10%.

I then disobeyed some of my own recommendations, flying to the US to visit a daughter at university, for example. Over the subsequent years, it increasingly seemed to me that changing western lifestyles in the way my first book suggested was going to be an impossible struggle.

This is a call for the world-wide move to phase out of fossil fuel energy systems and a global moratorium on new coal fired reactors; local, regional and worldwide closure of coal mines, and for the rise of a renewable economy and industry, at an equitable, steady-state economic development trajectory. To help preserve valuable financial assets, all plans for new nuclear assets and the misguided carbon capture and storage CCS should be reassigned to renewable system deployment: a far more practical, economical and rapid path to carbon sanity.

WCRE Member of Chairpersons Board Eric Martinot calls for "No rooftop left behind"

"No Rooftop Left Behind" Future Vision
by Eric Martinot

"...Imagine a time when every rooftop in the world has a solar panel on it. Looking at Google Earth, all the rooftops you see would have panels. Panels would provide power or heat, or both. I am calling this vision "no rooftop left behind." That phrase may ring familiar to Americans who recall the "no child left behind" legislation in 2001, which mandated educational standards for children—everyone is included, no one left out. Let's think the same way about rooftops. Let’s adopt this phrase into our common lexicon. Let’s make this a rallying call for the future of our planet ...

Please follow the article link to the full article and to more information: No Rooftop Left Behind

Dr. Eric Martinot is a member of the Committee of Chairpersons of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)

Peter Droege's interview (excerpts) with the Saigon Times Daily, Ho Chi Minh City, when speaking at the GreenBiz Conference and Exhibition, 9/19/2011

Peter Droege, EuroSolar president and professor of urban sustainability at the University of Liechtenstein, told The Saigon Times Daily about how to develop renewable energy in Vietnam when he was in HCMC last week to speak at the GreenBiz Conference and Exhibition on European Green Business Solutions (GreenBiz 2011).

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