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Article by Dr. Hermann Scheer published in the German Edition of "Le Monde Diplomatique", February issue, 2010

The secret motto of the World Climate Conference

The main reason why the public around the world were so shocked by the shameful outcome of the World Climate Conference in Copenhagen was that they were basically unprepared for failure. Everything seemed to be pointing to success: a manifestly pressing problem, upbeat government announcements, urgent appeals from NGOs, worldwide media interest and the participation of numerous heads of state, who hoped to turn the meeting into a "G120" summit.

Article by Dr. Hermann Scheer published in the Climate Action Book 2009 for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, December 2009

Among the many myths about our energy supplies, one of the most insidious is the high price of renewables. If all energy alternatives are too expensive, the argument runs, then the world should continue on its course of dependence on fossil-based sources. In this article Hermann Scheer debunks this myth and explains why we must keep developing the renwables, describing how each affected industry can make the most of the new opportunities.

Article by Dr. Hermann Scheer published in the Ode Magazine (Special Copenhagen Edition), December 12, 2009

To unlock the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy, dismantle the conventional power industry!

Humanity stands on the threshold of an era of unprecedented opportunities. In the past decades, many innovative new technologies have become available and affordable that can transform our current economies based on polluting fossil fuels into sustainable renewable energy economies. This transformation will provide millions of new jobs. It will halt global warming. It will create a more fair and just world. It will clean our environment and make our lives healthier. However, for all this positive change to happen, we don't need an international climate treaty. We don't need a Copenhagen Protocol, just like we didn't need a Kyoto Protocol. In fact, these international attempts stand in the way of the progress almost all of us need.

MaegaardArticle by Dr. Preben Maegaard, Vice-President of EUROSOLAR, Director of the Danish Folkecenter for Renewable Energy and member of the WCRE Chairperson Committee, September, 2009.

Since the first oil crises in 1973 the main objectives of Danish energy policy have been: Security of energy supply, diversification in use of energy sources, environmental and climate aspects of the use of energy, cost effectiveness of energy supplies. In order to realize these goals various policies are being followed. One policy is to develop as well as utilize new energy technologies. Another objective is to focus on energy solutions that may be produced and exported by Danish industry...

pv-magazine.gifAt the founding conference for IRENA, pv magazine spoke with Michael Eckhart, chairman of the WCRE and president and founder of ACORE (American Council on Renewable Energy) about how the agency should be organized and what it will take to get the United States on board. 1 March 2009.

An NGO for Governments

You wrote Hillary Clinton the day she took office. Has there been any response?
Yes, they decided that the person they were sending to IRENA on the second day was now going to be there on the first day. That sounds small, but it’s huge.

What needs to happen for the U.S. to join?
First, someone within the government has to make a proposal to join. Under the Bush administration, no one would. I think the Obama administration will, but that’s not going to happen overnight. But they did change the U.S. position in just a few days. Clinton has been in office since Tuesday, January 20, and the decision to send someone to the founding conference for IRENA on the first day was made that week - probably the same day that Clinton took office. That’s amazing, considering that she is clearly working on Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Israel, and so forth.  

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