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World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)

The WCRE is the global voice for Renewable Energy. It operates independently and free of the vested interests of the present global energy system. As a non-profit and non-governmental globally working organisation it is focused on developing policies and strategies for Renewable Energy. Its mission is to bring Renewable Energy into the mainstream of world economy and lifestyle. It seeks to convince the global opinion of the potentials of Renewable Energy while showing the undesirable developments, the dangers, hidden costs and the damage to civilisation, caused by conventional energy supply. It is the world’s forum for political and economic concepts that are most suitable to assist in rapidly accelerating the introduction of Renewable Energy. For achieving its objectives, the WCRE’s major areas of activity encompass information, agenda setting and networking. Information as a mean to improve worldwide understanding about Renewable Energy policy and strategy issues are provided by pointing out the massive and immediate need for Renewable Energy and its availability for all power demands. Another pillar of WCRE`s activities is to network and to be the leadership forum of the global Renewable Energy community. All WCRE bodies - the high profile Chairmen Committee and Advisory Board, associated organisations as the European Association for Renewable Energy (EUROSOLAR), the American Council for Renewable Energy (ACRE) or WCRE Australia/Pacific, and WCRE members of all sectors of Renewable Energy - are highly committed to further establish better synergies within the Renewable Energy community and beyond to strengthen the movement for a better and more sustainable planet.

As a global voice for Renewable Energy, the WCRE embraces the participation of many types of organisation such as Renewable Energy associations, manufacturing companies, professional services firms, financial institutions, trade associations, professional societies, non-profit organisations, foundations, government agencies, and individual scientists.

Chairmen Committee

The Chairmen Committee manages and controls the affairs of the organisation, and has full power to adopt the rules governing its activities. It has a key function in initiating policies and activities that are in line with the objectives of the WCRE. It concretises WCRE’s mission, creates strategies, develops the organisation, and plans programs. The Chairmen Committee consists of one representative from each continent - Africa, America, Asia, Australia/Pacific and Europe - and appoints a General Chairman. The initial Chairmen Committee consisted of Hermann Scheer, German MP and President of EUROSOLAR as the General Chairman, Stephen Karekezi (Africa), Michael Eckhart (Americas), Rakesh Bakshi (Asia), Peter Droege (Australia/Pacific), Wolfgang Palz (Europe) and as associated members Preben Maegaard (for Renewable Energy grassroots organisations) and Angelina Galiteva (for International Law). Please find the current composition of the committee of Chairpersons here.


Members of the World Renewable Energy Council are, whilst fully maintaining their respective individual independence

  • outstanding individuals acting for a global energy supply by Renewable Energy;
  • Non-Governmental Organisations and Institutions working in the field of Renewable Energy, environmental protection, development aid, agriculture and agroforestry, industry, architecture and science;
  • enterprises producing, financing, or supplying Renewable Energy;
  • scientific institutes working in the field of Renewable Energy.

Membership for Non-Profit Associations in the field of Renewable Energy and Environment is free. All other members, such as supporting individual members, companies, and scientific institutes, have to pay a membership fee. For detailed membership fee scales, please see the Membership form.


The secretariat of the World Renewable Energy Council is located and organised at the headquarter of EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy.

Associated Organisations (Partners)

The World Council for Renewable Energy is closely linked to continental organisations which have the same objectives as the WCRE. Regional organisations on continental level have already been linked up with the WCRE or have been founded. Please find a list of our partners here.

WCRE Membership

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