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EUROSOLAR stands for comprehensive and peaceful sustainability through distributed and renewable energy. Its very mission and future visions are founded on real democracy and self-determination of local and regional cultures and identities: the evolution and liberation of the human spirit in pursuit of planetary harmony and human rights.

These universal values are fundamentally incompatible with the ugly resurrection of oppressive, centralist, oligarchic and injust policies and practices in various countries of Europe and the world, seeking to deny these basic rights, and squelching the ability to think and act freely in the interest of environmental sustainability and social justice.

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On the occasion of the Bonn Climate Change Conference, June 17 - 27 2019, EUROSOLAR calls for a long overdue emergency response: The massive deployment of Decentralised Renewable Energy Systems. The most recent power outages in South America also show that the projections, goals and methods of both international conferences and national pathways are still entirely inadequate.

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