The WCRE calls for social justice and environmental health through renewable energy


EUROSOLAR stands for comprehensive and peaceful sustainability through distributed and renewable energy. Its very mission and future visions are founded on real democracy and self-determination of local and regional cultures and identities: the evolution and liberation of the human spirit in pursuit of planetary harmony and human rights.

These universal values are fundamentally incompatible with the ugly resurrection of oppressive, centralist, oligarchic and injust policies and practices in various countries of Europe and the world, seeking to deny these basic rights, and squelching the ability to think and act freely in the interest of environmental sustainability and social justice.

We therefore condemn the repressive treatment of the Catalonian people's democratic will and its elected political leaders by the Madrid courts - and call on peaceful and open negotations to take place without fear of imprisonment or other repercussions. We do so with equal empathy as we reject any other form of social or cultural aggression or rejection of others through political agendas, apartheid or identity and racial discrimination. This is the only way forward in embracing an ethical approach to sharing our sustainable resources.

The firy Damocles Sword of imminent und universal destruction through fossil fuel induced climate chaos and out-of-control global heating hangs above all of us. Let us focus on averting this threat, united in harmonious diversity. Only united and all-encompassign resolve to bring about 100% renewable energy everywhere and for all with a global move to sufficiency and resilience through richly regional bioclimatic agriculture and climate positive industry gives us a small chance of survival and enduring prosperity.

We hereby celebrate the advanced climate and renewable energy policies of Catalonia and its communities, and commend them to adoption by all of Spain, moving Europe to 100% renewable energy in peaceful unity for rapid climate action. We call on the Spanish Government to reverse its Court decisions on sentencing Catalonian politicians to jail. We demand the freeing of the Catalonian poliical prisoners at once, lifting the shame of injustice and represssion from the face of Europe.


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