Vietnam stood between choosing or backwards or straight proceed to the goal of clean energy as the general trend of the world.

A study in 2015 of Stanford University, California (United States) launched a roadmap for 139 countries and speak up about the development of the strength of the economy with sustainable development of renewable forms of energy such as wind power, solar energy and hydro power to 2050. This work laid out the agenda of the world can reach the "80% of the WWS" ( wind, water and sunlight) in 2030 and reaches 100% in 2050.

All World Summit on Environment and Development are committed to sustainable development through a new approach on the building of the municipality, from which arise out of the new calling "Urban sustainability", "Eco-municipality" and then to "Smart city". They all want to progress to the goal of building the modern municipality, to meet the needs of human development but still guarantee the quality of the environment, the health of the people, minimized the break the natural landscape, and preserving the natural resources.

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