Corona impulse to the liberating era of regeneration: From the virus into the sun

Prof. Peter Droege, president of EUROSOLAR:

They were the soft and late effects of the oil crises of the 1970s, the finally successful efforts of Europe to introduce summer time and the time shift, based on a century of various attempts in both war and peace years. On 6 April 1980, most European countries, Germany ahead, adjusted their clocks to make working hours more synchronous with summer daylight. The first common summer time lasted from 6 April 1980, 1400 (CET) to 28 September 1980, 15:00 (CEST).

Today there are new discussions and efforts to reverse or change this, although certainly at least the PV-owners benefit a little from it. German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently tended to give priority to summer time all year round, an idea which is shared by some representatives of the renewable energy industry.

EUROSOLAR on worldwide climate emergency: Call for the decade of regeneration

For climate stabilization with 100% renewable energies: The new Corona Virus has kept the world in suspense for weeks. Massive international measures are being taken to contain the pandemic and prevent it from infecting a booming global economy. Almost one thousand people have fallen victim to it so far, and several hundred thousand people may already be infected.

There is a catch to the great success of the development of wind and solar technologies in Spain: It lacks citizen participation. Democratizing the generation of energy creates wealth for the whole of society and is key to facing the climatic emergency. This is why we need an energy REVOLUTION.

Since pointing out the dangers and effects of the climate catastrophe is as stressful as it is necessary, we want to take a look at the opportunities: With an article in the American magazine The Atlantic.

In his article "Thy Neighbor’s Solar Panels" Robert H Frank analyses the influence of peer behavior, explaining that we ar emuch more likely to behave in an climate friendly way if our neighbours do so.

On the other hand, one might argue, this another contribution to the section "Too little too late". What do you think?

Climate models are overheating and scientists cannot explain why. The simulators used to forecast warming have suddenly started giving us less time.

Concerning this matter, WCRE's president Prof. Peter Droege says:

"To justify business as usual, IPCC and other climate modelers have been using dumb linear pseudo-models models all along. Now that the models are being fed with accelerating climate data, the modellers are surprised! They still feign ignorance. this is so disappointing, to put it mildly, some of us believed in the model 'science' for 30+ years.

Now a last hope lies in a total RE mobilisation, part of a regenerative planet rescue mission!"

Read more on the background at Bloomberg Green.


The concluded Conference of the Parties (COP) in Katowice, and its background papers and declarations. confirmed that IPCC consensus driven science has been far too conservative in its projections, and that the UNFCCC COP process - while necessary in the absence of alternatives - has increasingly served to falsely assuage fears and placate the coal, oil, gas and nuclear lobbies.

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