In Need Of a Green Recovery Plan

By Thilo Werner

In the last six month, mankind learned to live with a deadly virus spread all around the globe. In terms of the global economy being devastated by the consequences of the pandemic, the European Union reached an agreement on a billion dollar aid parcel. Countries all over the world had to invest trillions into the recovery effort.

However, by fixing the damage of the current crisis we should not worsen the continuous one. On the contrary, we should rather use the trillions of dollars provided to the recovery of the economy to support a green, sustainable economic basis which will help us fight the real crisis of our time: Climate Change.

But this idea is not even close to the sad reality of many countries injecting tax payer money into propping up polluting industries. According to CNN, countries as Canada, Australia, India and Poland invest billions of dollars in old-fashioned branches of industry not being future-compliant at all. Poland, for instance, bought up unwanted coal for $35 million to relieve an industry “shaken by the pandemic”.

One reason of why it is that hard for policy-makers to act in favour of the environment and to get rid of fossil fuels is because many communities worldwide still depend on the jobs and income they generate trough polluting businesses. Besides, governments rely on people’s votes and taxes.

Next to the long-term benefits of a sustainable economy, people need to gain trust in eco-friendly technologies and businesses. They need to understand that these are capable of fixing the economic situation without destroying the planet. Thus, politicians have to listen and cooperate with renowned scientists and experts to make sure the world emerges cleaner, greener and safer for all.

Major investments in public transport, renewable energies and a circular economy will create a huge amount of new jobs. Now is our big chance to set us on the right track to a green and fair recovery, but we need to prioritize the health of people and the planet.  A green recovery plan will spare us many more crises and will be the foundation for a better future.

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