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April 23, 2014
Peter Droege, EUROSOLAR President, GC, World Council for Renewable Energy:

The renewable energy era has begun, but requires emergency action - the time for universal and unilateral action has begun

This is a call for the world-wide move to phase out of fossil fuel energy systems and a global moratorium on new coal fired reactors; local, regional and worldwide closure of coal mines, and for the rise of a renewable economy and industry, at an equitable, steady-state economic development trajectory. To help preserve valuable financial assets, all plans for new nuclear asssets and the misguided carbon capture and storage CCS should be reassigned to renewable system deployment: a far more practical, economical and rapid path to carbon sanity.

bcc opening ires20118th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition(IRES 2013)
Berlin, bcc Berlin Congress Center
November 18-20, 2013

NEW: Prof. Sauer's synopsis of IRES 2013 is now available for download + presentation 10 Theses

Due to the enormous successes of past IRES Conferences EUROSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) has strengthened the IRES series in collaboration with EnergieAgentur.NRW and numerous other partners. Over 500 participants gathered at the 8th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition (IRES 2013) at the bcc Berlin Congress Center, November 18-20, 2013.

The conference series has emerged as the central platform for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas on one of the key issues of future energy supply, having attracted more than 3,500 participants since its beginnings in 2006.

Many thanks to all speakers, poster exhibitors and participants for joining the IRES 2013!

Read more about IRES 2013

Bonn, 5 January 2012

Time for Code RED - the Renewable Earth Decade

After ending the reign of nuclear power, time to end fossil fuel burning

While in Durban the appalling plan was hatched to maintain collective inaction for almost another decade, a team of Russian and US scientists readied their Powerpoint presentation for an American Geophysical Union meeting in San Fransciso. It reported of the discovery of vast new and powerful methane plumes rising from the shallow seabed along the Siberian coastline and escaping directly into the atmosphere. A greenhouse gas 20-70 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, the massive Arctic methane store, if melted, is capable of triggering uncontrollable and abrupt climate change.

The final alarm has now been sounded: time for ringing in Code RED, the Renewable Earth Decade.

WCRE Press Release, 14 December 2011

Great fanfare surrounded recent announcements regarding the purported adoption of nuclear power by South Africa and Nigeria. This fallacious path is hailed by some misguided leaders as the 'right to nuclear power' by the poor - perpetuating the 60-year old fantasy that splitting the atom is key to unlocking development.

WCRE Press Release 12 December 2011

After COP-out 17: Code RED
Durban rings death knell for emissions based negotiations control: rise of a renewable energy path to climate control can no longer wait

For the 17th time the global community's attempts to control the explosion in greenhouse gas emissions has failed miserably - a tragic yet predictable outcome. The reasons were only in part power-politics-as-usual by the polluting countries, trapped in an economic model rewarding short term profit over humanity's survival.

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