EURSOLAR and WCRE condemn US and Shell Oil's barbaric collusion to push for Arctic drilling

EURSOLAR and the World Council for Renewable Energy call for an immediate end of all new oil exploration and especially drilling in the Arctic Waters of Alaska, currently to focus on an unbridled attack by US authorities colluding with a profit hungry oil oligopolist, Royal Dutch Shell. 
Renewable resources have been available for decades to begin to replace the toxic and war driving blow-out of global oil consumption: 95% of global transport still depends on it. The Merkel Government colludes with this desperate attempt to continue to line the pockets of incumbent problem industries of the past century - despite the staggering costs on climate change damage, military and terrorits threats and the destruction of water and biological resources. The once nascent call for a German E-Mobility and electric car program has faded into the fog of broken promises and revisionist assaults on Germany's fines achievement and most productive global export of the late 1990s and early 2000s: the Feed in Tariff and Regenerative Resources Act.
EUROSOLAR and the WCRE call for a positive and constructive signal that human civilisation has turned the corner into the Solar Age and an immediate end to drilling in the Arctic, an international moratorium by all hydrocarbon exporing nations, and a global compact 
IRENA Watch: here IRENA can take a leading role. The well-funded Abu Dhabi headquartered and wel managed International Renewable Energy Agency developed and inaugurated by EUROSOLAR, the WCRE and founding president Hermann Scheer is in an excellent position to take the global lead in joining EUROSOLAR and the WCRE in calling for an end to oil exporation and a rapid move to solar and general renewable mobility, storage and intelligent grid roll-outs globally.
Bonn and Berlin, 18 June 2015
Peter Droege
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