Climate for Peace Holiday Message & WCRE/EUROSOLAR Campaign for 2015


Peter Droege: Climate for Peace

Holiday Message
for 2015


Holiday Message

As we look back on an eventful year 2014, we ready ourselves and our communities for what lies ahead: political stabilization and return to the road to energy reason. This is the time of year many of us spend with families and friends, a time of hope and renewal at the turn of the year. The need to use renewable energy is a long established fact and is being turned into reality worldwide: from African villages to the Board of Trustees of the Rockefeller Foundation. This progress is unstoppable, despite the attempts of some established industries and their supporters that are bent on reversing progress and keeping humanity in the fatal grip of fossil fuel combustion and radioactive contamination.

A well-earned Holiday Season and New Year break await us, traditionally a time for peaceful contemplation and convivial evenings, perhaps exchanging holiday greetings and gifts. But especially now we think of those innocents suffering in the cold nights of destroyed communities and cities in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and other regions in crisis.

Bearing Hermann Scheer’s Energy Imperative in mind I am pleased to strongly endorse the new call on a fresh agenda for next year: a call for renewable forms of reconstruction for all damaged communities, a solar call for peace as a powerful signal to reinforce all constructive efforts to stand up and face the climate crisis and energy risks through renewable regeneration everywhere and at all levels.

Please consider contributing €10, €100, €500 or €1,000 in support of the EUROSOLAR team in its initiative "Climate for Peace".

Bank information:
EUROSOLAR e.V., Sparda-Bank West e.G.
Branch Sort Code: 37060590, Account # 404 250
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Climate for Peace – A New WCRE/EUROSOLAR Campaign for 2015

All of the present conflicts in the world, whether they are for land or beliefs seem petty when compared to the greater threat of global climate change and unsustainable conventional energy supplies. The challenge to meet this greater threat to human existence can unite all people in peace rather than waste resources and time in the conflicts.

WCRE/EUROSOLAR launched 'Climate for Peace' in 2009 during the last great conflict in the Middle East – Now the signs are more hopeful again, after months of unbridled violence, irretrievably lost innocent lives, and wasted human energy on all sides. As a result, a desperately needed reconstruction wave is being prepared for Gaza. Since the WCRE and EUROSOLAR stand for a 100% renewable world, it makes sense for us to call for purposeful and renewable forms of reconstruction, to nurture sustainable prosperity and resilience in the cooperation and coexistence of both Palestinians and Israelis.

This is a two part call:

  • We call on all funding governments, international agencies and NGOs to abide on a 'renewable reconstruction' policy, to provide resilient, sustainable and enduring infrastructures to those most in need, and to connect all capital investment to the rapid rollout of peaceful renewable energy based infrastructure and development frameworks.

  • We now look for enthusiastic supporters – while we gauge high level contacts in European aid agencies and governmental organizations, along with the Palestinian Authority and Israeli counterparts. We are committed to supporting a just, value creating and renewable Solar Renaissance of the region. Kindly indicate if you are interested to help.

In this way we hope to also set signals for the Ukraine-Russia conflict and other powder kegs of the world – many of which are shadows and creatures of a fading fossil-nuclear age .... these are massive distractions while we struggle to avert a climate switch that could render Earth inhabitable in a relatively short time.

We propose this campaign enabling WCRE and EUROSOLAR seeking expression of interests to actively work on this to gather the intelligence and launch the policy and program calls necessary to rebuild a renewable Gaza in a wider and sustainably managed multi-cultural region. Would you like to join us to create the renewable "Climate for Renewable Peace"? Then contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

professsor peter droege

Professor Peter Droege
General Chairman WCRE
Chair Sustainable Spatial Development University of Liechtenstein


Supported by WCRE and EUROSOLAR representatives:

Professor Hussain Al-Towaie
WCRE Chairpersons’ Committee
Owner & CEO of CE&SD
Energy, Water, Environment, invention and patent issues

Professor Nasir El Bassam
WCRE Chairpersons’ Committee
Director International Research Center for Renewable Energy (IFEED)

Jose Etcheverry Ph. D.
WCRE Chairpersons’ Committee
Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Hans-Josef Fell
WCRE Chairpersons’ Committee
Member of the German Parliament (1998-2013)
President Energy Watch Group

Professor D. Yogi Goswami
WCRE Chairpersons’ Committee
Distinguished University Professor University of South Florida

Dr. Harry Lehmann
Executive Chairman WCRE
General Director Federal Environmental Agency Germany

Stanley Igwebuike Ijeoma
WCRE Committee of Chairpersons, Country Representative for Nigeria

Dr. Jeremy Leggett
WCRE Chairpersons’ Committee
Founder and Chairman Solarcentury & SolarAid

Dr. Josep Puig
Chair Board of Trustees EUROSOLAR
President EUROSOLAR Spanish Section

Dr. Brigitte Schmidt
Member of the Board EUROSOLAR German Section
Managing Director Solarzentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Dr. Nancy Wimmer
WCRE Chairpersons’ Committee
Director microSOLAR and Author of Green Energy for a Billion Poor

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