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IRENA Long Road BookThe long road to IRENA - From the Idea to the Foundation of the International Renewable Energy Agency

The global community has founded IRENA with more than 100 member states. The agency is now getting ready to start its crucial work. As an International Governmental Organisation, IRENA will create a level playing field for the acceleration of the deployment of renewable energy everywhere. The agency will be instrumental in overcoming the persistent bias of international organisations in favour of atomic and fossil energies. These agencies ignore, denounce or underestimate the full potential and manifold benefits ofrenewable energy. The establishment of IRENA has been overdue for decades.

This documentation displays the long road to the formation of IRENA from the first proposal in January 1990 to its founding in January 2009. The proposal for IRENA was advanced in face of doubts that were expressed repeatedly and many obstacles that turned up along the way. EUROSOLAR was the first, and for many years, the only nongovernmental organisation that campaigned for IRENA. In 2001, the newly established World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) joined the battle. We are proud that our campaign has finally succeeded; in these 19 years, it was necessary to repeatedly push the idea forward and encourage an increasing number of supporters worldwide.

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