Airports may be yesterday's city heroes as oil runs dry

Article by Peter Droege and Matthew Ulterino in online newspaper for green buildings & sustainable development: The FIFTH ESTATE, 7/19 2011

In an age of petroleum production risks and mounting carbon costs cities should plan their sustainable development strategies by assessing and lowering their exposure to airport dependency risk – a diagnostic concept we developed.But paradoxically, most large cities push to increase the locational advantage they momentarily enjoy through building second, even third airports and banking on the "Aerotropolis" as a magic formula to global primacy – precisely as the phenomena of ubiquitous cheap air travel and freight transport are waning.

Instead, investment in zero-carbon – renewable energy based – sea and surface transport systems, regionalised economies and a phasing out of airport-centred development strategies are far more promising approaches to avoiding becoming the next "air gold rush" ghost town.

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