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In Australia, the clean-energy lobby group Beyond Zero Emissions outlined a road map to the sector creating as much as one million jobs – in response to calls from the country's powerful fossil fuel industry for a gas-powered economic revival from coronavirus. Learn more about fast-tracking renewable power projects, improving energy infrastructure and using an abundance of cheap wind and solar to power here.

For now, Austria has one of the world's most amobitious green agendas. In the center of it, we find the willingness to provide to people in Austria mobility that’s comfortable, efficient, affordable and eco-friendly, accroding to Leonore Gewessler, Austrias minister of Climate Action. Find out more about her plan here.

We have only six months if we're willing to change the course of the climate crisis and prevent a post-lockdown rebound in greenhouse gas emissions that would overwhelm efforts to stave off climate catastrophe. This is what Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and one of the world’s foremost energy experts warnes of in the Guardian.



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