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As the newspaper the Guardian reports, a temperature of 54.4C  has been recorded in Calfornian Death Valley last Sunday. Some weather watchers believe this could be the hottest reading ever reliably recorded on earth.

We know that we can provide100% Renewable Energy sustainably. How important it is that these are produced locally and that we stop multinationals from hiding behind the Renewable Label is shown  by Eva Maria Fjellheim & Florian Carl in thair article on


 'Those who don't value the past are condemned to a burdensome future.' (G. Khan) 

Harking back to the dark days of 20th century anti-democratic growth fantasies, it has now hit the wall of climate change - evaporating surface water due to rising heat - and ecological destruction. Add to this the self-destructive determination to sacrifice highly resilient, small-scale, self-sustaining human-biological ecosystems to the monomanic madness of self-aggrandizing power machinations, you get the recipe for desaster. Hasankeyf Valley, continually inhabited for the entirety of the Holocene, suriving the Greek, Roman, Medieval and Modern times has been annihilated. Read on at the New York Times' website.

In Australia, the clean-energy lobby group Beyond Zero Emissions outlined a road map to the sector creating as much as one million jobs – in response to calls from the country's powerful fossil fuel industry for a gas-powered economic revival from coronavirus. Learn more about fast-tracking renewable power projects, improving energy infrastructure and using an abundance of cheap wind and solar to power here.

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