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Article published by Preben Maegaard, WCRE Chairman, Director of the Danish Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, July 2006

Why does the UK not take this opportunity?

UK has the best wind resources in Europe and a variety of other renewable energy resources. During the past decades UK presented ambitious plans to become a leading player within renewable energy. However, intentionally or not, the government till now only chose political instruments that missed. With 1670 MW of wind power UK has less than 10% of Germany’s 20.000 MW and half of little Denmark’s 3.200 MW, that constantly grew till the Blair-type government took over in 2002 and Denmark joined the Iraq war coalition in 2003.
In addition, UK never got the renewable energy employment benefits like Germany and Denmark with 170.000 and 30.000 new jobs respectively.

Article published by Wolfgang Palz, Chairman, World Council for Renewable Energy, Paris/Brussels, September 2005

In this paper a new PV roadmap is proposed for the European Union, the EU25. It assumes, as a baseline, to implement fully the maximum potential of PV integration in the building sector by 2050. That over-all potential is evaluated at 442 GW installed capacity; half of it, 121 GW, could be realized between 2035 and 2040...

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