World Council for Renewable Energy insists on a global ban on new nuclear power

WCRE Press Release, 13 March 2011

World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) insists on a global ban on new nuclear power, phase-out of current plants - and a decisive, immediate move to a 100% renewable world

The Chairpersons of the WCRE express their shock and sorrow, and their full sympathy and solidarity with the people of Japan.

The awesome power of plate tectonics triggered on 11 March 2011 a series of massive earthquakes and subsequent destructive flood waves off the Sendai, Japan, coast. In the Miyagi prefecture port town of Minamisanriku alone 10,000 are missing - one glimpse of a tragedy of global proportions.

This momentous event now raises the additional spectre of an hitherto unthinkable and manmade catastrophy: a series of nuclear meltdowns - due to the entirely unnecessary reliance on nuclear power. The lies that have been told to the Japanese public since the construction of these plants have now been fully unmasked. And this mask has now fallen world-wide.

The WCRE insists on the global and coordinated move to finally outlaw all nuclar power. After Harrisburg, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima it is time to wake up and terminate reliance on and trade in this incredibly dangerous technology. No matter how small the risk of a smiliar event may be in any country - it can never be excluded. And when it does take place, as it inexorably will following the mathematical laws of chance, it is brings with it unmeasurable and uninsurable damage risks, virtually guaranteeing generations of fatalities and tragedy among the yet unborn.

Those who falsely argue that nuclear power brings with it a calculable and acceptable risk because there is no alternative are guilty of cynical cruelty against humanity. They also accept the risk of a global economic collaps. Studies have shown that this is virtually certain to result from a nuclear meltdown of any atomic plant in Japan - this coming Monday Tokyo Electric Power Plant is reported to begin controlled black-outs in Tokyo, one of the three primary global financial hubs, besides New York and London.

It is "five past twelve" when it comes to turning away from toxic, deadly non-renewable energy resources, one of the very banes of humanity. It is high time for the immediate and unwavering turn to a fully renewable world: there is no country that cannot be provided with renewable energy alone. The path to a global nuclear and fossil-fuel free world is practical, affordable and safe, builds prosperity - and, above all, strengthens resilience in the face of natural disasters.

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